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Peak RF is no longer trading.


Peak RF has extensive design experience working with leading companies in the semiconductor product market.


We specialise in RFIC and MMIC design and development, and are able to provide engineering support on a time or design task basis.

Our expertise extends to a wide variety of applications including the design and development of :

  • Power Amplifier and Transmit Modules to 39GHz
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Antenna Switch Modules
  • GPS/GLONASS Front-End Modules
  • High-IP3 Mixers
  • On-chip filters, couplers & diplexers
  • Package RDL & eWLB design
  • Complete up- and down-conversion chains for Tx and Rx applications

spanning a wide spectrum of process technologies including CMOS, SiGe, GaAs pHEMT and HBT at RF, microwave and mm-wave frequencies.


Peak RF consultants have extensive experience of electrical / EM co-simulation of multi-chip modules and packages, encompassing both bondwire and flip-chip bumped die attach. This modelling work is supported by a wealth of experience correlating simulated results against measured circuit performance, and from data obtained from our RF on-wafer probe station.


Our team employs various circuit simulation software packages, including NI AWR Microwave Office™ (MWO) for RF circuit simulation and chip/PCB layout, AXIEM for planar EM simulation and ANSYS HFSS for full 3D EM simulation, all running on powerful multi-core PCs. We use Aphena Softplot for rapid measurement data capture and have developed Peak RF Full-Circle© - an in-house RF utilities tool.


Peak RF has established an excellent working relationship with major European and US semiconductor foundries, with full access to up-to-date PDKs and DRC scripts.


In addition, Peak RF offers expertise in a large variety of software packages including Agilent ADS, Cadence Virtuoso, and SPICE.


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